Rainbow Gardens Preschool is a home based preschool for children aged 3 (potty-trained) to age 5.  We are located in the coastal area of Encinitas, Ca. We spend lots of time outdoors in our beautiful outdoor space playing, and gardening and feeding our school chickens.  Our indoor time includes plenty of music and dancing, reading and playing and sometimes cooking (with organic ingredients) Our academic curriculum is loosely based on Maria Montessori methods and materials, depending on what works best for each child.  At Rainbow Gardens Preschool, we have a loving nurturing environment where children are encouraged to learn through independent play as well as through teacher directed lessons.  We work in small groups as well as with individual one on one instructions. Sometimes we have days where we just play, because it is fun and because it is preschool.  We start our morning circle with a guided meditation everyday.  We teach the children to communicate with each other compassionately and kindly.  We become a family here at Rainbow Gardens, where we all love one another and respect one another, as well as the world we live in. . Through modeling gratitude and kindness, we teach the children to have these qualities as our future leaders and helpers on our planet.

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